Mark Odlum – Actor, Writor, Improvisor

Mark Odlum

Mark Odlum grew up on the mean streets of West Hartford, CT, and dominated in every aspect of his life. Well… ok… so not every aspect, but like a good 4 or 5 aspects. Ok… more like two, but he was still pretty great at those two.

At Providence College, Mark studied Marketing and Art, continuing his interests in the pursuit of happiness and the flow of currency by painting canvases (for fun) and walls (for money). Upon graduation, he moved to Boston and landed a job, quickly rising within the cut-throat ranks of corporate telecom sales, but something was missing. Friends and family encouraged Mark to follow his dream of making people laugh. Within two years, Mark elevated to the main stage of Improv Boston and soon thereafter, The Improv Asylum. Hungry for a new pavement to pound, he headed to New York City, determined to fill his toolbox with every kind of acting class he could find while frequenting the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Peoples Improv Theatre.

Improv comedy soon led to creating characters, writing scripts and producing award-winning content, namely “Strange Faculty,” a sitcom that won the NBC Comedy Short Festival. Mark then co-wrote and developed another pilot for NBC called “Off Season,” a television comedy set in New England. His comedy short “Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit” has toured the world, resulting in residual checks in foreign currencies that he’s not sure how to cash. Mark also co-created and stars in the independently produced TV pilot “Smokewood,” a Western comedy about a fish-out-of-water from Boston who becomes the mayor of a Tombstone-esque town.


Mark has arrested people for shoplifting on “As the World Turns,” appeared in National Commercials, and is a card-carrying member of the WGA, SAG and AFTRA. He is currently working on his first novel entitled “Last Run of the Day,” and now resides on the mean streets of Los Angeles, and is still pretty great at the same two things.

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